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At first, it is important to know that breast means a lot in our mental area. It is not just a simple part of our body – for women, it is the symbol of their nature. Don’t you ever think about why do men are so much found of breast?! Their attitude is mental too. It is like an echo of wild nature which brings us tips. Today it is popular to take care of your appearance. Women use every tool in their arsenal to reach their target, but no one thinks about inside changes. We are talking about your mental part – it can’t be split with your body. The main mistake of all ladies who trying to upgrade own appearance is lack information about mental part preparation. Every piece of our body already programmed in our mental part. It means that recognition system already on and when something has been changed, it is pretty hard to repair it. The thing is that every day we look in the mirror and can see the picture, which was fixed in our brains. In some cases women like it, in another appears to desire to change it. But, most of the ladies don’t know that every change could increase your dysmorphic disorder. It could appear when a woman already has straight picture in her mind – this picture embodied final result, which she wants to reach. But, as you know, it is not easy to make such kind of dreams come true. There are many barriers on the way of its implementation. In the most popular area, which is presented by the how to enlarge breasts question, it could be a not just visual part. If a woman chose breast enlargement surgery it means that she should be ready for new feelings in her body. Everything, the even center of gravity will be under the pressure. Besides, if the final result will be not an embodiment of woman’s dream, it means that she anyway should life in her new body till the complete healing stage. Only after that additional secondary change is going to be possible. But you will probably remember about natural breast enlargement. This area is much easier because a woman can watch her changes and stop them in every moment. But in case if she decided to get her previous size (make it smaller), it is going to be not easy, because breasts already have done their natural forming. But in this case, women have breast pump. It is could be compared with breast trying on. But, even such repetition can’t guarantee the real result. So, today we are going to discuss psychological disturbances and their role in breast enlargement cases.

Breast enlargement – destroy mental disorders at home

In fact, breast enlargement could be your choice to create effective destroy of all possible mental disorders which have the connection to your appearance. Besides, your preparation could be provided at home. There are some rules which you should follow to prepare your mind at home:
Breast enlargement1) You should realize why do you need breast enlargement.
It means that you should know why do you need certain change – breast enlargement. It means that you answer shouldn’t be “because it is pretty” or something like that. You should find the reason which makes you feel yourself uncomfortable in your body. It could be a lack of self-confidence or fear to be naked in public (because society could criticize your body without big breasts). The main recipe which helps you to realize that is to make a list of all things which you don’t like in your breast. It could be size, form, age changes or something else. It is even could be your nipples form (in this case it is possible to bring changes too, but the main of them is going to be a kind of compensation, which will be embodied in size increasing).
2) You should choose the most acceptable for you method which will answer you on the question about how to enlarge breasts and at the same time help to take it over the control. There are some most popular of them:

  • breast enlargement pump;
  • natural breast enlargement;
  • surgery.

If first two positions it is possible to find even in Walmart, the last one it for someone who sure in his decision. It is much more serious because it is an intervention which brings to your body additional part. It is will be inside and it means that the risk of panic attack on the base of readiness lack is too high.

There is one piece of advice – it is possible to use massage as the method which helps to understand your body. At first, massage stimulates your breast’s nerve endings and by this way, its connection with your mental part is going to be increased. Analyzing by touches will help you to understand what actually do you expect from changes and what kind of them is going to be acceptable.

Natural breast enlargement: how to direct them to your mental part

If you decided to avoid breast enlargement surgery and concentrate your attention on the natural breast enlargement, it is important to understand that such kind of changes is not constant. The main breast enlargement in natural way reaction depends on hormones and it means that some factors could bring own influence. The main danger comes from:

  • Breast enlargementpregnancy;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • sports mode.

1) Pregnancy makes everything to prepare your body for child appearance. In this situation, your breasts are going to become bigger. But there is a good news – if you used breast enlargement pump or pills, you have certain advantages. Your breast is ready for such kind of changes and it means that your body’s damage will be decreased.
2) The hormonal area should be over the control because it brings influence on all systems of female’s body. Without its control, it is possible to observe unstable situation with breasts in premenstrual and postmenstrual periods.
3) The sport could bring only one danger which has the connection with the modern pharmaceutical world. It is sports food. In most of the cases, it includes a lot of elements which could activate testosterone producing.
But how to make your mental part being ready for all possible changes?! At first, if you want to avoid them, you should do some exercises. They are:

  • visualization;

Just imagine your breast in different periods. You can try on it with the help of a special bra.

  • habits creation.

It could be provided by touches. You should create the schedule and mark it in your periods. It is will be your note. In periods schedule it is possible to write your feelings from breast touches in different periods. It will help you to accept the fact that natural breast enlargement in any way, big and important change in your body.

Breast enlargement pump: before and after

Breast enlargementSome of the customers in their desire to know how to enlarge breasts avoided breast enlargement surgery and natural breast enlargement. Their choice was formed and concentrated on something new. We are talking about special pump which helps to create breast enlargement.

This device is also popular in are which helps to show the result after breast growth pills. It gives the effect which lasts for some hours (it is impossible to same certain time because in all situations it is not the same). But anyway, middle results are about 1-2 hours.

It could be named as natural breast enhancement for a short period of time. But at the same time, it is a kind of exercises which helps to make breast stronger and bring tonus. As the result, after regular use, it is possible to get the enlargement result.

How to enlarge breasts: instruction and exercises for body to avoid dysmorphic disorder

It doesn’t matter what kind of work did you choose. It could be breast enlargement pump, breast enlargement surgery by the high cost or even natural breast enlargement. Anyway, you need to make your body being ready to avoid dysmorphic disorder. All of the preparations is possible to do at home. They are:

  • you should spend a lot of time behind the mirror;

It will help to make your visual perception objective.

  • your body should be ready in physical turf;

It means that you should pay attention to your health status. New breasts will bring new weight and as the result, the center of gravity could be replaced. The best way of preparation is morning jogging.

So, you could choose different ways about how to enlarge breasts, but don’t forget that your mind should be in one line of readiness with the body.

Breast enlargement surgery and its role on mental part

Breast enlargement 3The main role of every change consists of two parts – before and after. It could exist natural breast enlargement, breast enlargement pump or another method, but anyway the faster one is surgery. This is not an enlarger which you can create at home. It is an intervention which should be done only in most hard and difficult cases. It could be disproportions or previous surgery operation with the deplorable result, which require for rework which could be done only by the surgeon.