Beautiful breasts – their important role in art, life and women’s health!

It is possible to find one interesting fact about breast – there is no another one body part which could bring so many contradictions. Breast could be a trend. For example, at the Marilyn Monroe era, women tried to keep triangle shape – breast should be with sharp edges. It could be called natural shape which should be increased with special underwear. After this era came another one – women were mad about small breasts. Most of them even used compression elements to make it smaller. The culprit was Audrey Hepburn. This tiny little woman with small breasts changed vogue. Since that moment all full figure ladies came in the shadow. But after 10 years fashion got the balance. Now it was possible to say that breasts and its shape mean nothing because today it is possible to use modern medicine to get everything you want. For women who were wondered about how to make your breast bigger questions came “plastic surgery era”. It means that now perfection is so much close. But if we are talking about sizes and shapes now it should be circle full breasts. The most adorable size is 3. But it is so interesting how breasts go through all the history and saved their evolution!

Beautiful breasts: little excursion in history

The point is that beautiful breasts were the symbol of many famous artist’s pieces. Sculptors preferred to create their statues from stones and bring them forms of the female with beautiful breasts. Painters preferred to express their century with women’s beauty which embodied in their body’s forms. Even today nude breast is one of the greatest symbols of art, as the evidence of its real beauty and power. It equates nature as the power which gave us life because without mother’s milk humanity will never be able to get the leadership.

And now, when it is possible to talk about it in the comparison between breast lift before and after or in a way of changed previous conditions, it is always important to remember that it is still breast which didn’t change its previous functions.

Big beautiful breasts – inspiration for artists

Beautiful breasts 2But why do artists always found that big beautiful breasts are the perfect subject for their pieces?! To answer this question it is important to get famous artist’s point of view. The first one reason is that big beautiful breasts could arouse interest around the chosen problem. This position actual even today. Just look around – everywhere: in the advertisement, in movies and magazines, there are a lot of pictures of beautiful breasts. They could be even if the main problem has no connection with them, but the only one thing will always stay without changes – people will always show interest in. If earlier only artists used that, today we are living in a financial power century and everything belongs to the desire to sell. But there is a positive side – the more advertisement, the more breasts around!

Small breasted beauties as the phenomenon of actual time

Even 20 years ago no one could estimate small breasted beauties. Everything was about real forms and powerful humps. But today we are lining in a post “cocaine model chic” era. It means that now small breasted beauties found own adorers.

This phenomenon appeared right after fashion built its own world with skinny models. As you know, breasts have adipose tissue and when someone starts to gain weight, the body automatically gains breast width. So, in most of the cases, skinny lady means small breasts. But don’t forget that small one is not depends on gravity as it is going on with a big one. As the result, small breast looks beautiful without bra and gravitation is not its enemy at all.

How to care about beautiful breasts

The most important side of this question is about sexy breast feeding. These circumstances need for additional actions. It is important to the breast enhancers because it could lose the previous form and always keep skin well humidified. In all other cases, care should include healthy food and massage – to bring nutrients and keep tissues in tonus.

Big beautiful breasts and health

Breasts are the important part of women’s health. Their condition could tell the doctor everything about patient’s health status. For example, is breast is too sensitive – it means that women probably have problems with the hormonal system. If breasts are becoming not one size, it could be a problem with muscular frame or chest.

So, as you can see, beautiful breasts are not only an inspirational subject, at the same time it is important health indicator for women.