Breast cancer – danger which could be solved by additional health care!

Cancer is a real problem in our century. Yes, its existence was proved even in earlier centuries, but today it is possible to say that we have a kind of epidemic in this area. No, it can’t be transferred by air or touches, but it could appear in the body of perfectly healthy women and no one still knows the real causes of this dangerous illness. Today all attention concentrated on signs of breast cancer, because diagnostic helps to avoid worsening of the situation and start healing right after first danger appeared. Between all kinds of cancer, it is possible to mention one, which brings special conditions – it is triple negative. This one means that this kind of neoplasm is too dangerous. It happened because of the fast growth. This special kind is an embodiment of real illness power. This disease can kill even strongest health in a few weeks. The main tool which society and medicine could use in this area is education. With the help of desire to share information with women appeared breast cancer awareness month. It is a time when women who already passed and destroyed cancer from their lives shares with their knowledge and emotions. They help to avoid fallacies and trying to explain all details of this disease. For example, there are many delusions about lifestyle and certain clothes details for women after breast cancer. They could wear short shirts and even swimwear because body after illness could repair all its forms. This is not a walk, it is honest desire to help to women who appeared in such inconvenience and dangerous situation. In fact, cancer question is much more diversified than people think. Talking about breast, medicine still can’t give the answer about why do cells get mutation. No answer means that no one could be insured from this risk. It brings fear to our souls. But anyway, even those information which available for us after long years of observation and tests should be learned, because without attention risk of breast cancer could be increased.

Breast cancer – how it could appear

At first, it is important to mention that breast cancer is a kind of cell’s mutation. There are some factors which could bring it to your body. They are:

  • wrong food habits;
  • alcohol and Tobacco use;
  • overweight;
  • lack of physical activity;
  • heredity etc.

But at the same time, additional reasons could be:

It means that before you asked yourself questions about how to get bigger breasts, you should know that effects could be worse.
But, it is important to repeat that medicine still has not any pieces of evidence of real causes which could bring cancer.

The main idea is to keep prophylactic and try to avoid risks. For example, knowledge about how to increase breast size and its effects, which could be embodied in cancer, should make you stop thinking about plastic surgery. This is inside disease and that’s why signs of breast cancer could be not visible for a long time. This is the main problem which stopped observation and progress in this area.

Breast cancer symptoms – knowledge is your weapon

Breast cancerUnfortunately first breast cancer symptoms is pretty hard to recognize. All basic stages courses are not so bright and the real understanding that there is something wrong with body comes too late. But there are some signs which every woman could recognize before her body will be under the deceased control. The breast cancer symptoms are:

  • nipple discharge;
  • orange peel effect;
  • retraction and stretching of tissue;
  • form changes;
  • pain.

So, we did know the causes, but we do know facts about effects. Self-diagnostic by the palpation and visual observation could show some hard places inside. Anyway, even if you appeared just one of breast cancer symptom, you should take a visit to a doctor.

Breast cancer ribbon – symbol’s history

The main idea of breast cancer ribbon is the comparison with popular American song. The song was about war and it mentioned yellow ribbons like a symbol of freedom and democracy. Ones it was an accident when terrorists took a prisoner and his wife hanged our yellow ribbons on the trees to remind her husband that he is strong enough to fight with his situation.

But the main meaning of pink breast cancer ribbon appeared just in the 1992 year. In this year the chief of the magazine about health decided that there is something that breast cancer support need. It should have a symbol! They took red AIDS’s ribbon, turned it into a pink color, changed shape and this was the way of breast cancer ribbon born.

Breast cancer healing

There are many modern breast cancer healing methods, but most popular and effective of them are:

  • chemotherapy;
  • hormone therapy.

There is no certain answer about what is healing looks like. Everything is too individual. On the breast cancer awareness month every year doctors present their new inventions in this area.