Breast implants mammoplasty: from invention to our days with surgery!

Today breast implants is not a thing which could bring wonderment. We see it every day: in movies, magazines and even on the street, during the walking to your office. But no one wonders about breast implants before and after times! This phenomenon appeared as the weapon from medicine area, which was directed to the improving of some intimate area. It was beauty turf, which should be changed. The point is that men always were found of women with big breasts. If some centuries ago people’s clothes was something with a huge number of layers, and it was possible to drape problems with breast size, modern fashion can’t help solve this deal. It means that it is already no corsets and other additional kinds of formed clothes. Besides, let us remind you about habitual manners of past centuries. It was impossible to even think about touches between man and woman without betrothal or at least, parents bless. It means that there was no chance to be touched by someone, and as the result, it was possible to hide small breast with different methods which looked natural, but after even small touch partner could be understood that it is fake. So, it is possible to say that fashion became the main cause of fast changes in this area. People started invention of additional methods. One of them, which got huge popularity, was breast massage. It helped to activate zones and after blood increasing, make small edema. But its result was not long and one day appeared implant, as the immortal way to make the size bigger and keep it for a while.

Breast implantsBreast implants: history

The main story started in 1894. One surgeon made an operation with transplantation of patient’s tissue from her leg into her breast. It was necessary to bring proportionally form to breast and he decided to use edema from patient’s leg because it was natural tissue from her body. As the result, he invented new method which helped to change forms with the help of self- body’s tissue borrowing. The main problem with this method consisted in one point – with the time additional tissue dissolves. It means that the only one way to return shape –new operation. So, doctors decided to find something else what could solve the problem.

The main idea is that breast implants before and after presents an amazing zone of research. During the history, doctors used as the implants:

  • ivory;
  • plastic;
  • metal;
  • glass.

But in all cases result was bad. It was in first years of 20 century and breast implants cost was so much high, that it was possible to compare with the house on the beach of the ocean. Besides, it was pretty dangerous, but even with all disadvantages, there were many women who wanted to become the first lady with fake breast.

One day high breast implants cost brought a good idea in one doctor’s head. He decided to use Silicone because it was pretty cheap and it helped to decrease the danger of intoxication and other problems. Since that moment, plastic surgery got a new start and its progress we can see around us.

Breast implants: before and after plastic surgery progress

Breast implants mammoplastyIf in previous operations it was a process, which accompanied with illness, today it is almost safe one. The main problems could come during the adaptation period, but not during the operation time. First operations could enlarge breast sizes just for one or two additional, but today there is almost no frames. Low cost and huge opportunities of plastic surgery brought women chance to create breast of their dream. Today the largest one breast which was created with the help of plastic surgery is 12 size.

But most of the women prefer to enlarge their breasts till 3 or 4 sizes. Such kind of operation could bring an amazing result, besides about “how much is it cost” questions, today surgeons could give you not shocking answer.

Plastic surgery becomes common. As the result, it becomes much safer, but the point is that even with all possible luxury methods of plastic surgery, the only one method which could bring you result with a guarantee of complications absent is natural breasts enlarge.

Breast implants cost: today and before

If we talking about cost, it is important to say that removal could be even more expensive that installing one. Enlarge situation of silicone implants could show different costs. There are some factors which woman depends on:

  • sizes;
  • materials;
  • producing firm;
  • surgeon;
  • etc.

But the only one thing which you should know is that today operations are for 80% cheaper than it was 100 years ago.

Breast implants and their alternatives

Every modern woman should know that surgery is not the only one way to make breasts bigger. It is possible to use additional variants, which are presented by:

They can bring you two additional sizes and keep it without surgeon interventions.