Breast reduction – ultimate operation to turn back active life!

Breast reductionUnfortunately, women breast are much more multifaceted than it is even supposed to think about. Sometimes nature shares with its goods and brings woman too big breast size. Not in all cases, it looks aesthetically pleasing. By the way, too big breast is an additional burden that woman’s body should keep. It brings the burden on the skeleton and as the first one on its way, spine is going to be on the fire line. So, in the situation when natural goods are too big for a woman, she can’t move, her muscles and joints are under the pressure and as the result, it is possible to find massive deterioration of all tissues. It could be compared with cargo that you should always wear on your chest. You can’t cut it off, take it off – it is will be always with you. Besides, in menstruation time (for a several days before and after), your “cargo” will be especially heavy and even small touch could bring you pain. Yes, men are always excited about big breast, but do not forget about gravity – this little nature’s joke makes an own form on woman’s breast. Without the bra, it always looks pretty sad. Tissues can’t hold form forever and under such kind of pressure, there is no other way than only to follow to the earth. After many years of torment, and when health already is too tired from being a porter for such heavy part of your body, it comes a time to think about breast reduction. This operation is the only one way because it is hilarious, but enlarging of breasts is much easier. Today in the world breast reduction surgery is pretty often phenomenon and one part of the explanation is in feminization. Now women are trying to get convenience body and get comfort from it. They are not interested in men point of view because the main understandings that their body is not a sexual subject already come. So now, when their arms and mind are free, it is possible to solve the problem with large breast which brought in your live so many inconveniences.

Breast reduction: what are the main steps

Breast reduction 2First, it is important to realize what the final size should be. With the help of breast reduction it is possible to reach even zero sizes because breast tissues excision could provide that. Body’s reaction to breast reduction surgery is always positive because it could be perceived like deliverance. Besides all repairing processes are going to be pretty fast. The main change between this kind of operation and enlarging is that now body shouldn’t accept something new inside your breasts. Everything stayed in the same places, but now health lost a piece of tissue which should be under the nutrition. It means that its stock is going to be replenished.

Now it is time to explain main steps which woman should go through her operation. They are:

  • consultation with objective choosing of new size;
  • psychological tests and personal consultation to make sure that it is the conscious decision;
  • operation.

The operation consists of several parts too. They are:

  • anesthesia;
  • marking breast’s zones to see the horizons and edges of work;
  • skin excision;
  • excess tissue excision;
  • excess skin excision;
  • lifting;
  • stitching.

After the operation it is important to wear compression underwear – it helps to make tissue’s healing faster.

Breast reduction surgery: before and after

Women are always worried about recovery process after the operation. The main scared are not about cost. Thy is about health status and scars. It is possible to explain because the aesthetic part is so much important.

Many pictures of before and after results, which you can find in free access on the internet, could show you the possible result. The main idea is that scars are not a necessary part of your future appearance. After healing process, it is always pretty hard to find even intimation about passed operation. So, it means that after operation your breasts is going to look like natural one, but size will be decreased.

Breast reduction, like additional guard from breast illness

The main idea which creates the desire to forget about how much operation’s price could be is the idea that reduction could help to avoid breast illness. Today it is possible to find many professional video with detail explanation of this operation’s profit. The main idea is that now it is possible without pills erase all possibilities. Yes, the cost is pretty high, but the pictures of your future without mammary glands is so excited.

Breast reduction surgery: common effects

It could be compared with breast enhancement but with one additional function – excision of huge tissue’s quantity. As the final result it is possible to name beautiful breasts and health because this operation helps to:

  • increasing of physical activity;
  • decreasing of all possible breast pain (even in menstruation periods);
  • normalizing of blood pressure and other factors which bring influence on health status.

In conclusion, it is important to say, that breast size chart can’t be clear. There is no common point of views, but the only one important thing that you should know is that your body should be your temple.