Breast sizes – men preferences and differences which depend on race!

Breast sizesQuestions about sizes always were too popular between men. It is even possible to suppose that breast sizes are one of the most popular themes to discuss in the men’s world. As the result, they formed the own personal point of view which has nothing the same with women’s one. The main point of this situation is that women feel that their breasts are the main symbol of their gender and as the result, attention has been increased. The final station of all interventions become points of views that the bigger, the better. But if we will ask about breast’s perfect size in men area, we will probably get another kind of answer. The main idea is that all operations: breast lift, plastic implants and additional methods could bring the result only if their effects could bring good visual form. It means that if the girl is too skinny, but at the front of her body it is possible to find the real perfect size (3 or even 4), it is going to look not proportional. So, when we already got the proportions is the most important one thing, at the same time we shouldn’t forget that sizes still have their own definition. So, anyway, let us introduce you the world, which is full of conclusions and interesting facts about breast sizes.

Breast sizes – what are the records of the world

So, if we started talking about breast size chart, it is important to mention that in all countries women have own definitions. But when we talking about size comparison it is impossible to ignore records. So, they are:

  • Lolo Ferrari – 180 cm (22 size);

This lady’s breast size chart was made for only one reason – to become popular. When it happened, she was pretty young but such huge breast size chart brought to her real problems with health. As the result, she died. Doctors after her death decided that the only one thing which could improve the problem is reduction of breast. She knows that her health was on the edge but sexy breast expansion was the only one reason of her success. So, her health was a victim of her popularity.

  • Chelsea Charms – 164 cm (20 size);

This girl was a stripper. She decided to grow bigger breasts but her dreams weren’t compared with body’s resources. And then she decided to use plastic surgery. She is still alive and in pretty old age still working as the stripper. Her life depends on her breast. She tried to make breast reduction but recognized that popularity will be gone.

  • Maxi Mounds – 153,67 cm (size 19).

This lady never heard about hot to reduce situation. The point is that her implants still growing up. Their construction and material absorb water from the body and as the result, they becoming bigger.

It is important to mention that all of these ladies came to the thought about how to increase breast size only with the desire to become famous. Their lives showed us the real example that everything should be with the measure.

Average breast size – optimal decision for health

In fact average breast size is the best decision for your health. It is possible to explain that with average breast size there is no inconvenience in active motions. Besides, it helps to feel that special female sense of beauty, which brings femininity without self-harm. Another one average breast size advantage is that it keeps the balance between appearance and health.

Breast size chart – what is modern definition

Breast sizes 2The best one way to recognize all actual sizes is the real experience. But if there is no opportunity to see and touch, you are welcome to the world of size pictures. The most common today are next sizes:

  • size B;
  • size C;
  • size D.

The letters were made to fix not width, but the depth of cups. It means that the main measure is about cup’s depth. But at the same time, it is important to keep the information about real depth, because all breasts are not the same and that’s why it is possible to find on the counters real mix of cups and possible width.

How to increase breast size with the help of bra

Do you know that it is possible to increase breast sizes for 2 or even 3 times just with the help of well-chosen bra?! Most of the underwear producing companies invented their own technologies which help to give the answer to the question about how to increase breast size without surgery or other methods. The main idea is that bra should bring support and cups should create shape. With the help of double pressure and fixation, it is possible to lift up breasts and fix their dimension. At the same time, it is possible to use special fabrics to bring additional cm.