Natural breasts – natural gift and the genetics’ role in its forming!

In fact, such common today phenomenon like natural breast enhancement appeared as the result of nature’s injustice. The most detail answer on the question about why does someone has a big one and another small one could give us genetically. This part of science appeared not so many times ago. The main thing is that without modern equipment this science couldn’t say us the truth. On the base of observation and historical notes, it was only possible to realize that sometimes real genetic features like skin color, eye form and at least breast size. It is one interesting fact – natural breast enhancement appeared earlier than people got the information about the possibility to activate natural growth. It means that if science were able to find the information earlier, it was possible to avoid so many victims of experiments. In this race to get huge women tried everything. The most desperate of them were agreed to have experiments, which as the result gave us pretty safe modern plastic surgery and breast lift surgery. But there still no answer about real causes which gave someone big breasts! In fact, all the information that modern science has could be mixed in one explanation about how to get big breasts from nature. A woman should have the genetic predisposition, observation during pubertal time zone (hormones are the main builder and little medical intervention could help to realize all body’s opportunities about breasts) and desire to work on the problem. Such kind of stimulation could be accompanied with pain in breast but result worth it.

Big natural breasts – what are the genetic rules

Such kind of gift like natural breasts could come after some genetic unions. For example:

  • when mother’s line (all women till great-great-grandmother) had real big one;

In this situation, it is possible to conclude that women’s line is pretty powerful. It means that this line’s genes could get the dominant position.

  • when in man’s line all women were with big natural breasts;

It could work only if we talking about male gene domination.

  • when parents have two different genotypes.

Yes, national mixes always have bigger breast. It could be explained by the natural tries to keep this new genetic line.
But sometimes hormonal mistakes could erase genetic structure and bring own position.

Natural breasts – it is possible to activate potential

Natural breasts 2Today we have methods which help to activate natural breasts growth. It doesn’t mean that young girl should use them during all period of growth. The most effective natural breast enlargement could be provided after the age of 18. In this period women already have previous forms and enough of time to bring safe intervention. This kind of natural breast enlargement could last till 20 years (after this age breasts are already formed). But at the same time, it doesn’t matter that women after the age of 20 years can’t make them bigger. In older age, it is possible to bring amazing natural breast enhancement with the effect which helps to make the size bigger. Everything is possible to get on natural base without dangerous surgery intervention.

Natural breasts – rules which could help to support growth

If you are interested in breast augmentation it is important to know that you should keep some rules. They are:

  • large natural breasts couldn’t growth without blood increasing;

It means that you should mix therapy with massage and sport.

  • big natural breasts should be supported with stabilization.

It is important to wear the comfortable bra with supporting effect. In the wrong case, your best natural size could be failed with the compression.

Big natural breasts – genetic changes

If you always dreamed about large natural breasts and made it, it doesn’t mean that your children could have your attainment. It is like even perfect rhinoplasty – your nose has been changed but genetic code stayed without changes. So, if you made your breast being, beautiful the only one-way transfer it to your daughter is to explain your own way.

– Is it safe to have large natural breasts?

There is no danger in natural big breast. It is wrong to think that the more breasts size, the more risk.

Natural breast enlargement – real potential

In fact, natural breast enhancement brings real positive changes into the women’s life. It could destroy her self-confidence lack and problems with the dysmorphic syndrome. As the result, the woman starts to realize potential which was covered with the inferiority complex.